About ICOP

ICOP is a leading consultancy firm that helps clients with the successful realisation of their real estate and construction projects. We are widely known for our expertise on working and learning environments, but we also work on health care buildings, laboratories, sports facilities, cultural buildings and other building types.

Quality control is at the core of what we do. We make sure that clients get the buildings they need and want. We help our clients to formulate powerful and inspiring design briefs, to select the right construction and design parties, and to manage their projects’ quality from start to end.

Next to helping clients, we work with contractors, developers, architects and engineering firms. Also when working with these parties, our focus is on quality management, making sure that all parties have an in-depth understanding of what the client wants from the project. Relevant activities are requirements analysis, design verification and systems engineering.

In our approach, we combine pragmatism with innovation. We do large numbers of projects, but we also develop tools, do research, give lectures, teach, and write publications. In other words: we are experts in our field.

We are based in the Netherlands, but our scope is international. At the moment, we do projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia, the United States and the Middle East. Our ambition is without borders.

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