This sector covers everything from kindergartens and primary schools to higher education institutions and universities. We are active in all these segments and with every project the building’s users are our starting point: pupils, parents, teachers, researchers, administrative staff, school boards and real estate and facility managers. Based thorough user research, we develop concepts that meet the needs of all these  stakeholders.

Contact: Yolanda Steijns, lead consultant education (, tel. +31650508464, Linkedin)

Work environments

What kind of work environment should an organization offer to their employees? Never before, there have been so many possibilities and buzz words: mobile working, coworking, activity-based working, smart working, new ways of working, etcetera. We help our clients to distinguish between hype and reality, and to develop solutions that meet their specific culture, people and business processes.

Contact: Juriaan van Meel, lead consultant work environments (, tel. +31654600548, Linkedin)

Health care

The health care sector is in a permanent state of change. New demands and new health care technologies, in combination with ever tighter budgets, ask for a careful balance between the effectiveness and efficiency, between costs and quality,  and between specialization and standardization. Our consultants help clients to find that balance for both new building projects and renovations.

Contact: Sven van den Berg, lead consultant health care (, tel. +31631005970, Linkedin)

Public sector

Government organizations on all levels, from ministries to municipalities, have to deal with their real estate in a highly responsible way, making sure that public means are well spent. New ways of working, tight budgets and changing tasks translate into large real estate challenges. We help public organizations to meet those challenges successfully by carefully looking at their spatial needs and the management of their portfolio.

Contact: Gijben Hornes, CEO (, tel. +31650241681, Linkedin)


The construction market is changing. Tenders are no longer about construction costs only, but also about quality and service levels. Design, construction and maintenance processes are being integrated. New types of delivery contracts ask for systematic quality control and systems engineering. We help contractors with these processes with the use of BriefBuilder®.

Contact: Gijben Hornes, CEO (, tel. +31650241681, Linkedin)